Utility review and electricity installation

Our client, who has large portfolio of commercial and industrial units for rent was looking to redevelop a number of previously empty units. They applied to the local electricity company for a 100A three phase supply for each unit.

The challenge

The electricity distribution network operator (DNO) quoted approximately £170,000 to install a new substation, arrange easements for crossing some private land and to install approximately 140m of cable from the new substation to the site.

EDA were asked to review this and find a more cost effective solution.

The solution

EDA reviewed the plans for the development along with prospective uses. From our extensive experience in the industry we applied some reasonable electricity demand figures along with a realistic diversity.

Our results and associated calculations were able to demonstrate to the DNO that even with 100A, three phase supplies installed for maximum future flexibility, the maximum predicted demand would be much lower than what the DNO had assumed and they agreed to provide an LV connection.

The 140m of cabling was still required but the cost was reduced to £38,000, a saving of £122,000 on the original quotation

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Client: Undisclosed
Location: London, UK
Date: 2014
Project: Utility Review
Sector: Construction
Services: Electricity Installation