Consultancy services - Energy bill review

Our Client was in possession of an electricity bill for Vauxhall Station for approximately 18 months of consumption valued in the region of £250,000.

The challenge

They felt that some of this electricity may have been supplied to third parties and other tenants within the station concourse and wished to be recompensed for this.

However, they did not have an accurate way of calculating this and obtaining agreement.

The solution

EDA undertook a review of the electrical supplies at the station and were able to ascertain a baseline which they used to calculate a fair distribution of costs – the majority being allocated to the principal occupier of the station.

Our calculations were able to allocate the vast majority of the electricity consumption to their larger tenants and other concession holders, leaving our client with a remaining liability of around £10,000, a saving of approximately £240,000!

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Client: Undisclosed
Location: London, UK
Date: 2014
Project: Energy Bill Review
Sector: Construction
Services: Consultancy